Ludwigsluster wants to communicate sustainability choices in all levels of the value chain

For Ludwigsluster choosing the Jospak® boardtray solution over the previous plastic trays was an important step towards less plastic and therefore a smaller CO² footprint in the value chain. Environmentally-friendly packaging solution is well aligned with the high-quality, organic meat products and supporting LFW´s overall goals in sustainability. In addition, with printable Jospak® tray Ludwigsluster is able to communicate efficiently

Fresh: Salad takeover with Fresh Servant

Founded in 1995, Fresh Servant is the Finnish market leader in consumer-packaged salads. Today, the company employs over 400 people from nearly 30 different countries. Fresh is best known for their consumer-packed salads, fruits and vegetables. Luxury and wellness are among the attributes to describe Hetki Premium -products. A more eco-friendly option is now available to salad lovers!

Paija´s Locally-Produced Food in Sustainable Packaging

Paija is a family-farm butchery located in the Finnish countryside, with a history dating back to the 1950’s. It is known for its responsibly produced meat products and commitment to animal well-being. The farm wanted to reduce plastic usage and the environmental impact of its products. Only minor adjustments were made to integrate the Jospak® tray with the existing packaging

Second Seoul chose ecological packaging with high brand value

As a newly established firm, Second Seoul truly understands the power of brand packaging. And no wonder, as there are two strong brands behind the company – Finnish food manufacturer Vaissi Oy and top chef Tomi Björck. When choosing a packaging provider, Second Seoul valued three key attributes: ecology, premium brand image and functionality. Jospak was able to answer all