Efficient and advanced

Jospak® technology

Our packaging technology is the result of extensive development work, achieved through our own in-house production experience. Our machines have the ability to produce high-quality, reliable, and gas-tight Jospak® carton trays in large volumes.


Our machines are the result of our own in-house expertise and continuous development work. Both the Jospak® tray and the technology are unique creations of ours and our immaterial rights have been built determinedly right from the start. Thus, our manufacturing techology is patented.


Efficient tray production

• High-volume, high-quality production
• Compatibility with various materials
• Easily interchangeable tray-specific tools
• Material-efficient manufacturing technique
• Connectable with different factory systems

Advanced technical features

• Advanced use of machine vision,
servo, and robotic technology
• Possibility of product quality
control through machine vision
• Remote management capabilities

Continuous development work

• Ongoing testing with various materials
• Unique opportunities for development
in our own tray production plant
• Patented technology resulting from
our extensive development efforts

New business model

Licensing production machines

Sustainable food industry and the concern for our environment being behind our innovative solutions, we have developed a new business model alongside to our ready-made trays: Licensing our production machines. This enables lower emissions as the machine can be delivered to the customer to the other side of the world instead of constant deliveries of ready-made trays. Want to hear more?