The Cardboard Tray for Sustainable Food Industry

Renewable and recyclable. Distinguishable and Innovative.
85% less plastic. A packaging solution for the future.

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Value for Your Brand

85% Less Plastic

We combine the best functionalities of board and plastics.


The plastic film is easy to remove. Cardboard provides a sturdy structure and a nice natural touch. Just recycle both materials!


There's plenty of printable surface for your brand imagery and product information.

Ready for
the Future

Jospak is a circular solution helping you to comply with the EU´s waste management policy.

Fits Your
Production Line

Jospak® is compatible with existing production lines without any major investments. We provide technical support throughout the process – from design to production.


We offer a positive consumer experience, real sustainability and reduction in material costs. No additional sleeves are needed.

WorldStar 2019 Gold
Sustainability Award winner

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Jospak is Ready for BBQ Season with Pouttu

Pouttu Ltd is one of Finland’s major meat and ready meal producers, established in 1938. In May 2018, they introduced bacon with a glaze of maple syrup, under their Kannuksen Lihakauppa brand. This summer Jospak® is coming to a barbecue near you with roast lamb.

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HKScan’s Premium Meat meets Jospak

The leading Nordic food company’s home market comprises Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the Baltics. Material efficiency and recycling are essential parts of HKScan’s environmental responsibility: all black plastic packaging will be replaced in Sweden and in Finland, which makes Jospak an ideal partner. We’re now packaging two HKScan premium meat products.

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Salad Takeover with Fresh Servant

Founded in 1995, Fresh Servant is the Finnish market leader in consumer-packaged salads and is also known for their fruits and vegetables. Their salad category has seen a whopping growth of 90 percent within a year and currently Fresh holds 56 percent of the market share. LounasHetki salads – now packed in Jospak – has been Fresh’s flagship brand since 2010.

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BRC Certified Operations

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What's New

Jospak Won the WorldStar Gold Sustainability Award 2019

The Jospak team came home from Prague, The World Packaging Organisation's WorldStar ceremony, with The Gold Sustainability Award. We're humbled by this recognition, many thanks to the packaging community!


Meet us at FRUSH 18th September

FRUSH is a circular economy event for startups and growth enterprises. It's a combination of latest talks, dynamic workshops and of course pitching. Once again we are proud to be a part of FRUSH in our home town, Forssa, Finland.


Jospak Is Attending PackSummit 2019

On 1st October, PackSummit gathers yearly over 300 packaging professionals together for networking, conversation and inspiration lead by the frontrunners of the industry. Come meet us in Lahti, Finland!


Jospak is BRC Certified

Jospak is engaged with continuous development, product safety and quality. Our work has been recognized by the British Retail Consortium.


Jospak Wins WorldStar 2019

We’re thrilled to announce that Jospak has emerged victorious in the WorldStar Awards 2019, Food category. The award is presented by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) and is the pre-eminent international award in packaging.


Jospak’s IPR Strategy Uncovered

We’re featured as an IPR strategy case in The Finnish Patent and Registration Office’s Annual report 2017. For the story, turn to page 12! (PDF document)