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Tarja Heikkilä
Managing Director
Mobile +358 (0)50 385 5610

Katja Viitala
Development and Quality Manager
Mobile +358 (0)50 911 3985

Ari Lehikoinen
Project Manager
Mobile +358 (0)400 707 854



Tray innovation, company registration


Product development and pilot line construction in Forssa, Finland


Pilot operations, technology development


Proto line construction, concept development


Commercialization, production line investments,
ScanStar Award Winner

Our Vision

How to Protect the Goods with as Little Plastic as Possible?

Jospak® will be the preferred recyclable and gastight cardboard tray solution for sustainable food industry.

New innovations create greater changes. The idea of the Jospak® tray is to keep food fresh with the smallest possible environmental footprint. We aim to offer an outstanding customer experience and do our utmost to reduce packaging waste and food waste.

The Team

We have agile and strong team of experts.

From left to right:

Mikko Laaksonen, Operator

Tarja Heikkilä, Managing Director

Ari Lehikoinen, Project Manager

Katja Viitala, Development and Quality Manager

Taneli Mero, Designer

The Board

From left to right:

Juhani Kuusisto – Chairman of the Board

Jari Stenberg – Member of the Board, Owner

Tarja Heikkilä – Managing Director

Jouni Suokas – Member of the Board, Founder, Co-Owner