Our history’s first sustainability report has been published

article posted 14.3.2023

Our history’s first sustainability report has been published. It focuses on 2022, which was a year of major changes for us: We moved to completely new premises designed just for us. In addition, our technological development took great strides, enabling a completely new generation of machines. We also renewed our business model, bringing the possibility of licensing production machines alongside the manufacturing of finished trays.

At the heart of all this has been sustainability. Already during the construction phase, the energy, heating, and recycling solutions of our premises have taken into account environmental friendliness, reducing emissions, and strengthening circular economy. More advanced machinery has enabled more efficient tray production and reduced production waste. By offering the licensing of a production machine to our customers around the world, we enable even lower emissions when the machine can be delivered to the customer once, which reduces the emissions from continuous deliveries of trays.

In addition to all this, with our solution we have helped our customers reduce the use of a significant amount of plastic! For example, in 2022, we helped one of our customers reduce plastic by 24.32 tons. The amount is calculated according to the number of trays used by the customer (1,621,130 pieces), when our tray contains 2.5 g of plastic, and the reference tray is completely (17.5g) plastic.

You can read the full report here: Sustainability report 2022