Sustainable values drive changes and create new opportunities

CiiYou is a fast growing circular economy company based on idea to fight against food loss. It was established 2019 and operates in Oulu and Helsinki metropolitan area.

Few years back the owners of the company started to really think about environmental sustainability and created a brilliant concept to work together with retailers by using the food loss from them to create new delicacies for restaurants and consumers.

Sustainability has also played an important role in packaging selection. The aim to minimize the use of plastic has been one of the key factors when choosing Jospak cardboard tray.

”Consumers are more and more environmentally conscious and our way to fight against food loss and use sustainable packaging solution has got a very positive feedback”, Managing Director Sakari Kiviniemi says and continues. ”Also technical feasibility of Jospak tray was a big plus, no changes were needed and package sizes work very well in our production”.

Chef Sami Garam, who developes new recipes and runs the business in Helsinki area tells that the cardboard package with a thin layer of plastic protects different types of food very well and because of its sturdy structure it is more convenient to use than a plastic package.

”Even though we have not used our own design yet, we have notified that a large printable area enables branding and gives space for product information ”.

There are many different ways to be innovative. CiiYou and Jospak has chosen the one supporting sustainability.