How it Works?

Just tear, recycle and it’s done.

Why Jospak?

85% Less Plastic

Nobody likes plastic waste. You won't miss the all-plastic packages.


The plastic film is easy to remove. Cardboard provides a sturdy structure and a nice natural touch. Just recycle both materials!

Simple as that. Sustainability doesn't have to be tricky.


Can I use Jospak® tray in a microwave oven?

Yes, it is suitable for heating in a microwave oven. Follow the cooking instructions in the packaging.

Can I use Jospak® tray in a conventional oven?

No, it is not suitable for heating in a conventional oven. Remove the food from the tray and follow the cooking instructions on the packaging.

Is Jospak® tray made of recycled board?

No, we use only virgin fiber to provide a safe packaging for food contact. We recommend you recycle the board after consuming the food.

Is the board FSC accredited?

This is available upon request.

FSC accredited program

How can I dispose of the tray?

You can either recycle it with liquid packaging board or separate the plastic from the board and recycle both in their own waste management systems.