Circular economy company Jospak Oy to build new premises in Forssa, Finland

article posted 7.9.2021


Jospak Oy, a manufacturer of ecological food trays, is preparing for a global transformation of food packaging and significant business growth. During the summer, the company’s Board of Directors has outlined the next major strategic step. The company will build new ecological premises optimized for the production of food trays.

The growing interest of the global market in the Jospak® tray and its significant environmental impacts accelerated the company’s decision to invest in the new premises. The premises will enable the company to build a production capacity of 150 million food trays for the European market in Forssa, Finland. For its investment, the company received a significant circular economy investment grant from Business Finland.

Janne Sokajärvi, Managing Director of Jospak Oy, is very satisfied with the investment decision:

“The food packaging market is developing at a rapid pace in the ecological direction. At Jospak, we are responding to this megatrend with this important investment in premises. At the new premises, we are able to optimize the material flow of our tray production and respond to the significant increase in demand.”

“Protecting the environment and the well-being of our climate are at the heart of our company’s strategy, and we want to make a profound impact through our own innovation. Receiving Business Finland’s circular economy investment grant enabled our company to make rapid strategic progress towards the production capacity of 150 million food trays. Interaction with Business Finland’s experts concerning the received grant proceeded very naturally, the common goal being to reduce global CO2 emissions of food packaging and the use of plastics.”

The new premises have excellent logistics connections. They will create a comfortable and functional environment for Jospak staff, where the tray production can be scaled up smoothly. Jospak will continue to recruit skilled professionals in Forssa in the coming years. The construction and introduction of new premises requires the addition of several key experts to the Jospak team.

Kati Oikarinen, advisor at Business Finland, was satisfied with the realisation of the project:

“The new production facility will promote long-term implementation of the circular economy in the way Business Finland hoped, enable substantial business growth and create new jobs. The project also opens up great growth prospects for the subcontracting network and contributes to Jospak’s internationalisation efforts.”

The Mayor of Forssa, Jari Kesäniemi, is excited about Jospak’s investment in the premises:

“The construction of the new factory will create many new jobs in the Forssa economic region and fit Forssa’s strategic goal of being a pioneer in the fields of circular economy and sustainable development.”

Thanks to the packaging innovation developed by Jospak, the cardboard food tray can be coated with only a thin plastic film. The tray decreases the need to use plastic by 85% and significantly reduces CO2 emissions compared to similar packaging solutions made of rigid plastics, and it can be processed on existing food industry production lines.

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