Changes in sales and marketing management at Jospak Oy

article posted 17.1.2022

A change in sales and marketing management at Jospak Oy, a company manufacturing ecological food trays

The company’s current sales and marketing director Tarja Heikkilä has resigned from Jospak Oy and will leave the company on the 10th of March 2022. 

”Tarja Heikkilä has worked in various key positions in the company since 2016. She has contributed significantly to the development of the company into its current form. I thank Tarja on behalf of our company for her excellent and committed contribution to Jospak’s growth. I wish her the best for the future”, says Janne Sokajärvi, Jospak’s managing director. 

Matti Tarjo will start as the company’s new sales and marketing director on the 7th of February 2022. Matti has comprehensive experience in the field of development and sales of packaging. Matti has previously worked as sales director at Eltete TPM Ltd. Before that, Matti had a long career developing packaging technology at Tetra Pak and Gustav Paulig Oy. 

”Matti is extremely capable and a welcome addition to Jospak’s committed team; he will lead the company’s sales and marketing processes to the next level. During February, the position of sales and marketing director will be transferred from Tarja to Matti to ensure seamless co-operation with our customers and stakeholders”, Sokajärvi says. 

More information
Managing director Janne Sokajärvi
+358 (0)40 748 7086 

New contact details from 7.2.2022 onwards
Sales and marketing director Matti Tarjo
+358 (0)40 44 978 2055