Business Development Aid Granted

article posted 17.3.2021

Factory 150 – stage 1

The Häme Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment has granted Jospak Oy 441 790 € of business development aid for a project, in accordance with the Government Decree on Discretionary Government Transfers to Develop Business Operations (9/2014).

Jospak Oy is developing, piloting and commercialising a new tray solution and its production method, and is investing in new production lines as a result of product and technology development. The project will significantly improve the competetiveness of the company, both nationally and in abroad markets, and will help respond to the increasing demand of enviromentally friendly and recyclable grocery packages by increasing capacity and other resources.

The project will be implemented from 22.12.2020 until 30.06.2022. The region of implementation will be Forssa.