The Future Is in the Package

Sturdy Carton Structure

Large Printable Surface

Suitable for meat, poultry, fish, veggies and many more

Easy to Recycle

85% Less Plastic

We Adjust Jospak® tray to Fit to Your Packaging Process


Vegem seitan kebab

The Tampere-based vegetarian food manufacturer chose Jospak for their new Seitan Kebab in September 2017. The products hit stores in April. How's that for agility!

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Pouttu <3 Jospak

Pouttu Ltd is one of Finland’s major meat and ready meal producers, established in 1938. In May 2018, they introduced bacon with a glaze of maple syrup, under their Kannuksen Lihakauppa brand. Jospak® is coming to a barbecue near you!

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We are working with several food brand owners and will announce more collaborations soon. Stay tuned!