How it Works?

Just tear, recycle and it’s done.

Why Jospak?

85% Less Plastic

Nobody likes plastic waste. You won't miss the all-plastic packages.


The plastic film is easy to remove. Cardboard provides a sturdy structure and a nice natural touch. Just recycle both materials!

Simple as that. Sustainability doesn't have to be tricky.


Can I use Jospak® tray in a microwave oven?

Yes, it is suitable for heating in microwave oven. Follow the cooking instructions in the packaging.

Can I use Jospak® tray in a conventional oven?

No, it is not suitable for heating in conventional oven. Remove the food from the tray and follow the cooking instructions in the packaging.

Is Jospak® tray made of recycled board?

No, we use only virgin fiber to provide a safe packaging for food contact. We recommend you recycle the board after consuming the food, though.

Is the board FSC accredited?

This is available upon request.

FCS accredited program

How can I dispose of the tray?

You can either recycle it with liquid packaging board or separate the plastic from the board and recycle both in their own waste management systems.